Additional Tips In Taking Care Of Younger Brothers And Sisters

When a child is born in this world, he is a person different from others. His looks, his thinking, and his behavior as he grows up are different from those of other children. Your younger brother or sister may resemble you in physical features but he may not exactly look alike you. His eyes, nose, mouth, shape of face, color of hair, and skin, the shape of his hands, his fingers, feet and legs, his body build may resemble those of your father or mother because he has inherited those features from them, just as you did. As your brother

or sister grows up, you will notice that he or she is different from you.

Knowing that human beings are different from one another, in physical features, in intelligence, in temperament, and in behavior will help you understand yourself and others. With this understanding, you learn to respect others for who they are. In turn, they also learn to respect you. You will also learn to be kind and patient with them knowing their individual differences.

Pointers in caring for younger brothers and sisters.

Taking care of your younger brother and sister is really tiring. It needs a lot of understanding, kindness and patience. However, being with them makes a lot of fun. Here are some additional pointers:

1. First, remember that your younger brother and sister have needs such as food, clothing, and sleep.

2. He/she should be fed

with a variety of food such as rice, bread, meat, fish, eggs, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. The move varied the food he/she eats, the healthier he/she becomes. Follow a feeding schedule so that he/she gets his/her meals and does not become hungry.

3. Dress him/her with clothes that are simple, loose, and comfortable. Clothes that are light and easy to put on make him feel comfortable. They allow him/her to move freely. Movement exercises his/her muscles. Change his/her clothes when they are wet. Keep him/her warm when he/she is cold.

4. Allow him/her to sleep at night and in the afternoon. This will give him/her enough rest. Don’t wake him/her up even if it is feeding time. He/she may become irritated and may lose his/her appetite.

5. Give him/her good toys and playthings that are clean and safe as well as attractive in form and color. Avoid toys that scare and those that easily break.

6. Your younger brother and sister need your love, affection, and protection. It is in caring for them well that you can show them this affection.

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