Changes Made To The Seal Of The President

Do you know who amongst our former Philippine Presidents who implements many changes in the original design of the Seal of the President of the Philippines?

For an ordinary citizen, the Seal of the Office of the President of the Philippines may not have a great impact on his life. But for many, the Seal of the President is the symbol of power given to the President over the whole  sovereign of our country.

One of the major design changes was the inversion of the triangle and the replacement of the animal that can be seen in the Presidential Seal.

To have a little background about the history of the first Presidential Seal design brings us back to the time after the 2nd World War. The Seal of

the President (or the Sagisag ng Pangulo ng Pilipinas) was designed by Captain Galo B. Ocampo. Ocampo was the former Secretary of the Philippine Heraldry Committee during the time of former Manuel Roxas in 1947.

Ocampo, a famous painter during that time, had use the Seal of the President of America as the basis of his design to the Philippine Presidential Seal. Because of this, the first seal that President Roxas used was also written in English (Seal of the President of the Philippines).

Aside from the written words, the seal design includes an image of a sun with eight rays and an equilateral triangle. Inside the triangle is an image of a sea lion which was centered by three stars. Aside from the first three stars, another three was place after the words “Seal of the President of the Philippines”.

In 1965, the design was changed to add

the small numbers of stars that were placed around the sun to symbolize the provinces of the Philippines. Four years after, the Seal was again redesigned. This time the English words “Seal of the President of the Philippines” were replaced by its Filipino words “Sagisag ng Pangulo ng Pilipinas”.

But the major changes of the design happened during 1981, during the time of former President Ferdinand Marcos. During that time, Marcos directed to change the fonts of the letters used in the words “Sagisag ng Pangulo ng Pilipinas”. He also changes the orientation of the triangle into an inverted one. The image of the sea lion was also change into an eagle. During that time, no one would ever want to question Marcos' decisions for the fear that they will be imprisoned.

The new seal was used for five years until former President Aquino ordered to bring back the original design made by Ocampo when she seated the Presidential seat after the EDSA People Power Revolution on 1986.

Author’s note: Another compiling story and history of my motherland and its citizens.

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