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Choosing Clothes for Different Occasions
Published By joeldgreat on 2011-05-05 626 Views

Choose clothes appropriate in style, color and fit. This means that the clothes you wear should be becoming to you. They should bring out the best in yourself-your complexion, the shape of your face, your eyes, your body build and your personality.

During summertime, when the weather tends to be very warm, wear clothes that are thin, light to the skin, fresh, can easily absorb sweat and easy to dry. Clothes made of cotton, without collar, and with short sleeves are most comfortable for summer. During rainy season or winter when the weather tends to be cold, choose thick clothing. Those with collars and long sleeves are preferable if the weather is too cold. Attire like jackets and sweaters can protect you from the cold.

At home, you should wear clothes that are loose, simple and made of cotton. Clothes must be light with no frills and easy to wash. Examples are collarless blouse, duster, T-shirts and shorts and loose skirts. For sleeping, use pajamas, nightgowns and loose clothing. Students wear school uniforms. Girls wear blouse and skirt, and boys wear polo, T-shirt, pants or shorts. Uniforms should be durable, colorfast, and easy to wash. Sizes must be slightly loose so that the student can move freely and comfortably.

Party clothes are used for special occasions like birthday parties, Christmas, and other social gatherings. They are more formal, elegant, and attractive. Formal clothes should appropriate to the occasion. They should fit your personality. This means that the clothes bring out the real you. A dainty dress with frills, ribbon and lace is appropriate for a very feminine personality, while one with solid color, pleats or plaids is appropriate for a firm, solid personality.

Working clothes tend to become soiled easily while working. Choose those which are made of well-knit fabrics, durable, and easy to launder. Sunday dresses are slightly more formal than casual wears. They are called Sunday dresses because they are worn to church. Nowadays, many your people go to church wearing casual dresses. While this is acceptable, it is advisable to wear a more dignified and formal attire since going to church is an important and sacred occasion one looks forward to on Sundays. Sunday wears can be dresses, coordinates like a blouse with matching skirt, or long pants with matching shirt or blouse.

When one goes to beach for swimming, one should wear thin simple and light attire. The standard wear for girls is a bathing suit or shorts and sleeveless shirts. Picnic wears should be light, loose, absorbs sweat easily, and feels cool to the body. Usually, cotton materials are ideal for picnic wear. Printed shorts with matching blouses are attractive and comfortable. Blouses with no sleeves or collar are preferable because they are cooler and allow more freedom of movement. On a sunny day, hats can go well with your attire. They do not only decorative but they also protect you from the heat of the sun. Sandals, slippers, or light shoes also go well with your attire. They will allow you to walk lightly and faster than ordinary shoes made of leather or rubber.

One of the essential elements of good grooming is to wear appropriate attire every day. Great care must be given to one's clothes for they affect one's personal appearance.

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