Common Ailments Of The Excretory System (part 2)

The ailments discussed in this article are those that affect the kidneys, bladder, spleen and lymph nodes. Some people pass out urine very frequently but others do not. Some people experience abdominal pain while doing so. Frequent or infrequent passing out of urine which is often accompanied by abdominal pain are symptoms that something is wrong somewhere in the urinary tract. Common ailments that affect the excretory system, most of these are centered in the kidneys and bladder.

Kidney failure . Kidney failure, or renal failure, is the inability of the kidney to filter waste products from the blood and excrete

them with the urine. This may caused by (1) infection or inflammation of the kidney, or obstruction in the upper urinary tract (2) obstruction of the lower urinary tract and (3) diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and exposure to poisonous chemicals. The signs and symptoms of kidney failure are swelling of the body, excess urea in the blood, and a decrease in red blood cells. People with kidney failure have to undergo dialysis. If only one kidney is affected, it can be removed. The patient can still live well only one kidney. A kidney transplant can also be done if necessary and when a compatible kidney is available.

Kidney cancer . Children under four years old can have wilms tumor, a kind of cancer that grows rapidly. It is often felt as a small lump in the abdomen and can spread to the lungs, liver and brain. The most common symptom

of this disease is abdominal pain. If the disease is detected and treatment is started early, the patient has a greater change of recovery. Kidney cancer in adults, especially men, is caused by smoking and intake of large quantities of analgesics over the course of many years. The common symptom is difficulty and pain in urinating. Early detection and proper treatment may help the patient get well.

Disorders of the spleen and lymph nodes . The spleen may become enlarged in some persons who have infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and typhoid fever, or when a tumor develops in the spleen. A hard blow to the abdomen may rupture the spleen and caused severe bleeding. When this happens, the spleen is removed through an operation. Lymphoma is a collective term for cancer of lymphoid tissues (mainly the lymph nodes and spleen). The caused is usually unknown. The most common symptom of lymphoma is painless enlargement of lymph nodes, especially those in the neck, armpits and the groin, and that of the spleen. When the cancer cells invade other organs, the body's immune system may be impaired and other signs and symptoms appear. Diagnosis is based on biopsy (removal of a sample of the affected tissue), CT scan and chest X ray. Treatment can be by radiation therapy or by chemotherapy with anti cancer drugs.

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