Food Preparation With Health And Safety Tips

Follow some simple tips in food preparation and know simple tips in maintaining a healthy and safety practices during food preparation.

Simplify the process in preparing and cooking in order to save time and energy. By saving time and energy, you can do other work. Thus, you are able to accomplish more. Work simplification is the simplest, quickest, and easiest way of doing things. In food preparation and cooking, follow these work simplification techniques.

Lay out old newspaper on the working table when paring or peeling fruits or vegetables. This allows the peels to gather on the newspaper. Then gather the newspaper

and discard. This saves the cleaning of the table. Use tools and utensils that are in good working condition. A sharp knife that cuts easily saves time and energy than a dull one. Use time and labor saving devices. They save time and allow one to do other tasks. Rice cookers, blenders, electric mixers, and pressure cookers are some modern gadgets in the kitchen. There should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. This is an important motto to keep in mind when working in the kitchen. Every tool should have a place for storage so that one knows where to get and return the tool after use. Oftentimes, time and energy are wasted just looking for tools that are misplaced. Use the right tool for the right job. For instance, a kitchen knife is for slicing and cutting, a paring knife for removing skins, a butcher knife is for slicing meat that cuts through the bones. Likewise use a can opener, instead of a knife for opening canned goods. Using the right tool saves time because it is efficient.

Synchronize work whenever possible. To synchronize means to do two or more tasks simultaneously. For instance, vegetables and fruits are pared and cut

while cooking the meat or rice. Dovetail whenever possible. To dovetail means to combine two or more processes at one time, thus saving time. For example, eggs or small eggplants can be placed on top of the rice while cooking. This saves time because you do not have to cook the egg or vegetables separately. It also saves energy and fuel. Always prepare a schedule for preparing and cooking meals. With a schedule, you do not have to hurry just because you have other things to do. Also, plan ahead of time. List all materials, tools, and ingredients and prepare these before starting to work.

Health and safety practices in preparing and cooking foods

Always wear your kitchen working outfit before working. This includes the apron, hairnet and hand towel. The KWO protects your clothes from mess at the same time maintains hygiene for you and the food. Do not use gas or petroleum when burning charcoal as this might cause accident. Wash your hands thoroughly before starting to work. Remove all jewelries to avoid losses and contamination. Wash all raw ingredients especially fruits and vegetables before paring, cutting and cooking. This will preserve the nutrients. Wash rice once or twice. Use rice washing as it contains nutrients that goes into the water. All leftovers should be placed immediately in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. Cover container while cooking vegetables to prevent evaporation of Vitamin C. this also prevents the escape of heat, thus allowing food to be cooked in a shorter time.

And lastly, clean as you work and clean as you go is a kitchen motto to follow in order to maintain cleanliness.

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