Fuel Conservation And Efficiency Measures

If every cities and country would implement this program, we can reduce the fuel consumption and definitely help not only ourselves by "Mother Earth".

It is happy to know that in my own little way, I had help conserve fuel and make efficiency measures to help humanity fight against global warming due to pollutions brought by vehicle emission. I have listed some of my local government's programs which aim to promote and encourages vehicle owners like me to conserve fuel. These programs are indeed very effective, easy to comply with and are helpful to both the environment and human beings.

1. Park

and Wait (Anti-Idling) Program

This program encourages motorist to commit to turn off their engines while waiting for more than 30 seconds and limit engine warming for 30 seconds.

"Idling is a bad habit! Breath easier, turn-off your engine"

2. Park and Fly Program

For domestic flight passengers with vehicles on a day or overnight trip, facilities are available at the airport where they can park and fly to and from their destination and drive back home with their cars.

"Aim high for fuel conservation"

3. Carpooling Program

A carpool consists of three or more people that commute to work or other destinations in a private vehicle in which members work out their own arrangements on who and how often, schedules and payments for gas and maintenance.

"The Cash-cut rate"

4. Park and Ride Program

Offers transport options that encourage the use of public transport such as buses and trains to help lessen traffic congestion at the same time provide seamless journey for the travelling public. Accessible or strategic sites were provided near the stations of the public transport for the vehicle owners to park their units and ride to and from their destinations using the identified transportation means.

"Drive less, arrive fresh!!!"

5. Park and Pick Program

This encourages vehicles, particularly taxis, to park only at designated places or sites. They will not be allowed to just roam around commercial complexes and mall areas to pick-up passengers. Passengers, on the other hand, should proceed only to designated places for their taxi ride.

"We will QUEUE you up"

6. CarLess Day Program

Don't be Careless, Go Carless. When are we Careless? It is when

we are not conscious of the environmental impact we create while using our cars. However, we leave a smaller ecological footprint if we share our cars with others on our way to work and vice versa. This fuel conservation measure aims to encourage commuters to burn calories instead of fossil fuel, reduce traffic congestions and air pollution, and leave the car at home one day a week. The motorist will avail instead of the public transport or may rideshare during their carless day.

"my carless day is Friday"

7. Park and Walk Program

Walking instead of riding is another option to save on fuel and let the vehicle owner realize that walking a distance is more healthful option that will result to less vehicle emission; promotion of healthy disposition of the body; and for a healthy Mother earth. A short distant walk is a better alternative than a heavy consumption of fuel for a short trip. This program is implemented in shopping complexes were vehicle owners are encourage to park their vehicles in a available parking spaces. While roaming around the commercial complex, owners are encouraged to walk extra distance through bridgeways and walkpaths. Riding a certain distance within the vicinity of the commercial complex is a big NO! Not only does it create traffic congestion - it even consumes extra fuel and emits smoke.

"I walk an extra distance for conservation"

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