Fuel Energy Saving Tips For Efficient Car Usage (part 4 Of 4)

With car fuels at its all-time highs these days, everyone wants to have a better mileage on your car fuel. These tips are compiled to give you at the 20 energy saving tips to efficiently use your car.

Buying the right fuel for your car. Your car manufacturer recommends what kind of fuel you need to buy for your car. Usually, they will recommend the best type of gas available in the market and they usually recommend that type with detergent additives. Buy only what is recommended and do not buy the more expensive gas than the automaker recommends – it won’t improve your gas mileage, it will only increase the cost of operating your vehicle. And if you want to try another type of gas, do not go to a poorer quality fuel. You can always consult

a car expert mechanic if you want to try this.

Don’t Idle for long. When you’re waiting in the car for any length of time such as your kids to get out of school, a friend to come out of the car, your mate to run into the convenience store – turn off the ignition. It will not affect you if you do this (unless if you are in a hurry). Turning the ignition off for just 5 minutes will already saved you 2%-5% of your fuel consumption. This is because; the car still uses a small amount of fuel when it is in idle mode. To make it simple, you know that your appliances still consumes electricity even if it is turn-off but you never remove the electrical plug from the electrical socket. We call this “phantom loads”, a cost that you never knew killing your electrical bills.

Resist the convenience of a Drive Thru. If you see

long lines in drive-thru windows in any bank, restaurant, drugs store, etc., better to park your car and walk extra minutes that waiting for your turn. This may not sound much, but it will save you money over time. Remember, you are trying to save extra money for your fuel cost, so a little extra effort will help you on your goal.

Use a Timer with Your Engine Block heater. In extreme-cold weather, the use of an engine block heaters are highly recommended to make sure your car starts in this extremely cold weather. You may think that buying a new one could be expensive as it will turn on every time you start your car. To cope up with this you can put a timer on the heater and set it to operate during the coldest part of the night and only as long as necessary.

Be Skeptical on expensive gas saving devices. If you really want to have one in your car, better to do some research over the internet or simply go to the site www.epa.gov/otaq/reports.htm for a start. This is because the EPA has recently tested over one hundred “gas-saving” devices and found that very few improve gas mileage at all.

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