The Goat Of The Philippine Military Academy Who Become A Successful Politician

A “goat” is the term used to distinguish a graduated cadet of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) who ranks the last of his class.

Do you know who amongst the “goat” in the academics which previously holding the highest position in the Armed Forces of the Philippines as well as being successful in Congress and in the Senate?

In the class of 1961, the PMA’s “goat” then was Rodolfo “Pong” Biazon. But today, he is one of the most successful PMA graduates who become one of the Armed Forces’ Official as well as being a Congressman and a Senator in our country.

Even though he was at the bottom of his class, this did not hinder Pong Biazon to excel in the military. Because of his

prowess and dedication, he was promoted to become the highest ranking officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Not only that he surpasses all of his comrades in the Batch’61, he also elected as a Congressman and a Senator.

In his military profession, Biazon handles different branches in the military which includes the following. He becomes the Superintendent of the PMA on 1986-87. He also handles the Philippine Marines as a Commandant in 1987-89. He was transferred to a higher post as the Commanding General of the NCR Defense Command from 1988-90. After which, he becomes the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Vice Chief of Staff from 1990-91. And on the succeeding year, he was promoted to the ultimate dream of any Filipino soldier, by becoming the AFP Chief of Staff on 1991.

And by the time Biazon retired

on 1991, he ventures in the world of politics and runs for the Senate Seat in 1992. And Biazon did not failed on his new profession as a politician as he won a seat on that election and served for three years until 1995. He run for re-election on 1995, but failed to land on the top 12 Senatorial seat. He claims that this is mainly because he was cheated on the so called “dagdag-bawas” scheme. That is a vote from one candidate was deducted from his total votes and was added to another candidate.

He again run for the Senate seat in the 1998 Senatorial election and again landed a spot on the top 12. He again was elected for three consecutive term to which his last term ended on 2010. While serving in the Senate, Biazon handles several committee leadership such as the Committee on National Defense and Security and the Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement.

When he finishes his term as a Senator, he runs for Congress as a representative of Muntinlupa City on 2010.

Author’s note: Another compiling story and history of my motherland and its citizens.

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