Proper Care Of The Digestive System

The energy we need to work and play comes from the food we eat. Food contains nutrients that our body needs. There are nutrients that make the bones hard and strong, and nutrients that build muscles and repair bones that are worn-out. There are also nutrients that keep other parts of our body healthy and strong. Therefore, it is important to keep the digestive system in good condition so that all the cells in the body can get nourishment.

There are two common ways of upsetting our digestive system. One is by drinking water contaminated with bacteria, or polluted water. Another

is by eating food that has been contaminated with bacteria brought by flies and other insects that feed on garbage. These are both causes of pollution, pollution of water and land. Some ailments and disorders such as flatulence, constipation, gastric ulcer, hepatitis and diarrhea can affect the digestive system.

Here are two important things you should know in the proper care of our digestive system.

Good food habits

Some ailments of the digestive system are caused by the food we eat. We should develop a good food habits to avoid ailments that can affect our digestive system.
1. Eat food with fibers such as leafy vegetables and fruits. Fiber enables undigested food to pass smoothly through the large intestine. It is effective in preventing constipation.

2. Eat less spicy and fatty foods. Eating

salty and spicy snacks is not a good food habit because it deprives the body of the essential nutrients that healthy snacks give. Furthermore, too much salt can bring ailments which can affect other body systems.
3. Eat fewer sweets during snacks. Sweets can destroy our appetite for the next meal.
4. When buying ready-to-eat foods, be sure they come from covered containers. Uncovered foods can easily be contaminated by bacteria.
5. Avoid food fads. A food fad is an extreme like or dislike for a particular food.
6. Eating fresh food instead of preserved or packaged food is good dietary habit.

Good eating habits

Good eating habits help us take care of our digestive system too.
1. Chew your food well so that it will be easy to digest.
2. Avoid swallowing large chunks of food. They might block your pharynx.
3. Relax as you eat your meal. Talk about nice things that can stimulate your appetite and make you enjoy your meal.
4. Avoid eating too much at a time to avoid indigestion.

Practice good food and eating habits to take proper care of your digestive system.

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