Protecting The Environment Of The Philippines

In my last article entitled “Condition of the Philippine Environment Today”, I ended it with a question “How can we help in restoring and conserve the natural resources of our country so that the next generation will continue to benefit from it?” This article will intend to give the readers some answer to this question.

Our country is abundant in natural resources such as land, plants, land animals, fishes, and other marine life; it is also an abundant source of energy as well as beautiful and magnificent scenery and natural wonders. But, many of our natural resources are already destroyed mainly because of the abuse brought my many of us, such as the rampant cutting of trees and illegal logging, rampant killing and hunting of endemic animals, wrong methods used in fishing as well as mining.

We should use our natural resources in the right manner and conserve it because all of us depend on it

for our existence. As well as, we should give pride and brag about it because we inherit them from our ancestors and we will also give these to the next generation.

Our Philippine Constitution mandates our Government that “The State shall protect the nation’s marine wealth in its archipelagic waters, territorial sea, and exclusive economic zone, and reserve its use and enjoyment exclusively to Filipino citizens” (Source: Article 12, Section 2 of the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines).

To make this happen, the different departments, bureau and agencies of our government collaborate and cooperate with each other so that the mandate of our constitution can be put into action. But, this mandate is not only intended to our government. Every Filipino citizen must also take his part in this noble duty as well as the different groups in every sector of society. We should take part in projects that helps in the conservation and protection of our environment. Below are some of the methods and strategies:

  • Help protect the forest against the illegal cutting of trees and the slash and burn farming method.
  • Work on the reforestation or the re-planting of new trees to our depleting forests.
  • To safeguard our forests to prevent it from destruction brought by some unscrupulous people by means of reporting illegal loggers and other illegal activities that brings destruction to the forest.
  • Give positive suggestions on how to improve the system of mining industry to big and small mining owners.
  • Thorough campaign in the proper custody of our
    fishes and other marine life.
  • Giving and teaching the correct information to the community about the laws on protecting and conserving our natural resources.
  • Giving and suggesting the right technical way of arranging and custody of our forest to ensure the preservation and correct use of its resources.
  • To protect and use our land and mining site correctly.
  • To provide the proper use and custody of our watershed and water resource.
  • To protect and conserve our endemic plants and animals.
  • Putting up and join conservation groups that aims in protecting our environment such as the Bantay Gubat, Bantay Kalikasan, and Kapit-Big para sa Ilog Pasig.

Our marine resources should be protected in order to save it from total destruction. Today, our government are making efforts to control and educate the people who are using the wrong method of fishing as wells as the improper gathering of marine resources such as the use of dynamite and cyanide. The effect of pollution in the marine life is also big, that our government are making efforts to educate all its citizens in the proper use, custody and conservation of our different water ways.

On June 23, 1999, one of the most important law that aims to protect our environment was signed by former President Joseph Estrada through the Republic Act 8749 – otherwise known as “Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999”. All we have to do now is to properly implement this law so that we are sure that our next generation will still reaps the fruits of our rich natural resources.

Here is the link of my previous article:

Condition of the Philippine Environment Today

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  • souvik1  16-10-2014

    Very good article Joeldgreat. People like us who had never gone to Phillipines had been explained the ground reality very well. The policy makers should read your article.

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