Reaching The $500.00 Milestone Here At

Reaching a milestone in our life is a very fulfilling accomplishment. And I'm happy to inform all the readers that I made another one here at

I know that I’m not the first one to reach this milestone here at This might not sound exciting for the seasoned writer here, but surely is an inspiration to many others.

Though it took me more than one and a half years to reach this milestone, I’m very happy about it. I’m sure not all writers will be able to have earned such as this during the same period of time. This only

proves that the EC’s earning scheme is one of the best there is in the writing industry.

And if the "All Time Top Earners" is correct, that would put me in the 6th person who achieves this in the entire EC community. And I'm sure the five others before me surely had made more than I am. Their names were Ruby Samy (1st), Nutankumarisinha (2nd), megamatt09 (3rd), madugundukrishna (4th) and Athena (5th). Just to combine their earnings would make over $2,500.

I’m sure that these authors were continuously making great amounts of views right now and there’s no one that could stop them. They’re like the living proof that EC indeed is

one of the best writing sites one could venture to.

Though my CPM rate is less than a dollar a day, I still manage to keep a steady $1.00 a day earning here, I would say that by December of this year, I could easily accumulate another $300.00 on my paypal. But I was hoping to get another milestone in my writing career by reaching the $1,000 mark by then.

With this personal update, I was hoping that other members would be able to pursue their goal by doing their best to submit only quality related articles that will surely make them to the top. And in no time, you will be the one’s writing an article about it.

Let me also give the opportunity to thank the admins of this site for giving me this great honor to become a part of EC community.



My personal experience as a member here at

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  • simplyoj  30-01-2014
    It is great to read aspiring stories like this, it motivates me to reach a higher goal.
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