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I knew I had reached this mark month ago. But because I deleted many of them, my article never reached this mark again. I have done some cleaning on my backyard (dashboard) and deleted more than 25 articles. Some were gone forever while others were revised and restructured to have a better chance of views and earnings.

I could have done it during the double earnings last November-December, but because I’m very busy during this month, I was not able to do it. At the same time, I was you overly enjoying the double earnings that I forgot to write something

here in EC.

I close the year 2012 with 550 articles which had made me $100.00 richer during the last two months alone. It surely is the nicest gift I receive for a long time. Until to this day, these articles were still gaining momentum and still reap an average of 700 views a day (Jan.01-09, 2013).

You may also notice the short Bio I’ve written in my dashboard.

Dear Fellow EC Writers,

If you're a member here in EC (or planning to become one) and are looking at my dashboard now, please consider this friendly reminder:

"Please consider writing more than 300 words and don't forget to cite it properly."
Thanks, good luck and more power!


I wrote those words not to intimidate nor degrade fellow writers but to remind all (as well as myself) that as had evolved to become the best writing site there is – with the

highest possible earnings -, it is just appropriate that its article writing guidelines should also conform to the highest standards.

To follow this rule, I also change my writing styles to specifically cite all my sources for each article that I write from now on. The 300 word rule is pretty much very easy to follow for many seasoned writers here. But sometimes, we may overlook the easiest of the basic rule which ended up getting caught in the process. My last five articles show these two basic rules and I would like to keep it that way from now on.

I write this column not to boast my achievement here in EC, but to remind all EC writers and readers that EC had become the standard of the writing industry. And every one of us must go with the flow. I hope that what is written in my Bio will stay there for a long, long time.

May we all have the highest earnings and our goals be achieved this year here in EC.
Long live!

Source: The author’s almost two years of experience as a writer here at

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