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Roles and Responsibilities of Parents and Children
Published By joeldgreat on 2012-06-29 95 Views

Traditionally, the father is the head, providing for the financial and social needs of the family. The mother is in-charge of the housekeeping activities, the planning of meals, and the budgeting of family income.

But these traditional arrangements have seen modifications in the face of economic and social demands. Wives now have their own jobs to help the family financially, and husbands now share more and more in the homemaking and parenting duties. Wives are employed in almost all phases of the industry not only to augment the family income but also for personal satisfaction. Husbands are no longer ashamed to change the baby’s diapers, cook, sew, and even tend to other household chores.

Children are considered assets in the family where they contribute to the family harmonious relationships and make the parent’s home management task simple and pleasant.
Children should cooperative with their parents in doing household chores and not to do household tasks grudgingly. The values of discipline and self-reliance are enhanced.

Children must cooperate in keeping household expenses within the budget by refraining from buying expensive personal items and spending their allowances wisely. They develop a sense of economy and thriftiness.

The older children, parents, and elders should serve as models for younger children. When adult practice desirable family values, children are bound to follow their footsteps and parents will have less difficulty in raising them.

Children who do well in school also do well in life and carry a wholesome attitude in his or her lifetime.

Children should always view their families as top priority and be with them on important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and even in times of family crises.

Children must make it a point to always bond with the family to maintain strong family ties. Playing together, bonding, or simply sharing jokes and stories on mealtime fosters solidarity.

A responsible member of the family practices traditional and desirable family values and manifests love and concern for other members of the family. It is the goal of every family to guide each member toward being a responsible member of the family and of society.

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