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Safe Work Practices for Manufacturing Industry
Published By joeldgreat on 2011-05-30 487 Views

In a manufacturing environment, some safe practices are unique to specific jobs, majority of this are applicable to all. Identifying safe work practices and to be familiar with this safe work practices will significantly improves workplace safety. Below are some of the general safety work practices that will help each and every employees in a manufacturing industry achieved a zero accident occurrence.

These Safe Work Practices are provided for your information and education. They are intended to provide you with basic safety and health information that will assist you in avoiding injury while performing your daily activities. Every employee is obliged to follow these Safe Work Practices while performing your work activities.

Safe Work Practices for Office and Administrative Employees

1. Keep drawers closed when not in use.
2. Warn others working in the area when a file drawer is open so they do not turn around or straighten up quickly.
3. Use a finger guard when using a paper cutter.
4. Lock paper cutter blade in down position when not in use.
5. Do not leave scissors or any pointed object on the desk with the point towards you.
6. Keep thumbtacks, blades, and other sharp objects in closed containers before putting them in a drawer.
7. Use caution when cleaning up broken glass. Do not place broken glass loose in a trashcan. Wrap in heavy paper and mark “Broken Glass”.
8. Ensure that all fans used in work areas are equipped with proper guards, which prevent fingers from being inserted through the mesh.

9. Turn off copiers before attempting to remove jammed paper.
10. Organize workstations so that all materials are within easy.

Safe Work Practices for Electricians and Technicians

1. Only authorized persons shall make repairs or work on electrical equipment.
2. Work surfaces shall be kept dry when working with or near electrical equipment.
3. Electrical equipment shall not be operated within three feet of any electrical panel.
4. Do not use electrical equipment with frayed or deteriorated insulation on the power cord.
5. Fusible strips are to be used whenever more than one outlet is needed. Strips are to be plugged directly into a three-hole grounded wall socket. Never plug or chain fusible strips together.
6. Electrical wires under desks should be kept out of the way of foot or chair movement. Wires, which have been run over by chairs, are subject to fraying and are a fire and electrical safety hazard.
7. When circuits or apparatus are taken out of service, they shall be so labeled; fuses, if any, shall be removed from their holders.
8. All electrical installations shall strictly conform to applicable electrical codes. The use of flexible extension cords in lieu of permanent wiring is prohibited. If It becomes necessary to use flexible extension cords on a temporary basis (less than 90 days), the cords must be strung so that they are not run through doorways or holes in walls or ceiling.
9. Employees are responsible for visual inspection of extension cords before use. Any questionable cords will be replaced.
10. All electrical panels and junction boxes will remain unobstructed at all times;
11. Use "C" rated fire extinguishers for electrical fires; never use water.

In order to fully implement this Safety work Practices, Supervisor should post or publicize them in work areas. He should have a brief handbook for each distinct job and assure that the employee understand this safety precautions and practices. And lastly, have employees sign to indicate they have read and understood, retain the signed document in the employees’ personnel files

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