Ten Useful Benefits Of Seaweeds To Man

It is a common fact all over the world that whenever there is a body of sea water, we can always be sure that seaweed can be found. Seaweeds are abundant in sea bodies and occur in many varieties.

But few people known that this plant belongs to a large group of water plants called algae. Algae are plants without true leaves, stems, roots or flowers.

But since they contain the basic plant structure called chlorophyll (green pigment), they are capable of making their own food which makes them a plant. It is only because the green pigment is often concealed by

the plant’s other pigments which makes it don’t look green in color. Many of the seaweeds in the ocean usually look brown or red.

In regions belonging to the Temperate Zone, the most common variety of seaweed belongs to the brown algae. They are the seaweeds that grow between the high and low tide lines. The floats resembles like a bubble which we enjoy crackling before our fingers. Seaweeds usually attached themselves to rocks by means of root-like holdfasts.

One of the most famous seaweeds is the kelp. Kelps alone had a wide variety of forms. But the most commonly known kelp has long, flat, tough, blade-like forms that fasten to rocks by means of a leathery stalk. Some seaweed grows as long as twenty feet in length while the giant kelp of the Pacific Ocean can grow even longer. These varieties of kelp are amongst man’s most useful seaweeds.

Some of the

useful usages of seaweeds include:

1. Seaweeds are often use as fertilizer because of its high potash content.

2. Seaweed is also a great source of iodine.

3. The Irish moss, another kind of seaweed produces a great deal of agar – a colorless substance resembling like jelly.

4. In the Orient, the red algae group are dried and used as food. They may not be very nourishing, but they contain a great deal of agar. Agar is used as a soup thickening and providing bulk in other foods.

5. They are also processed to be use as animal or fish feeds.

6. The high selenium content in seaweeds is used in personal beauty product such as shampoo.

7. Environmentalist recommends the use of seaweeds as waste water treatment.

8. The seaweed industry is growing steadily, which means a great source of income for many people in the world.

9. As they belong to the Plant Kingdom, seaweeds give off oxygen which is very vital of keeping the water pure.

10. And lastly, small creatures of the makes seaweed as their primary sources of food. In turn, these small animals become food for the larger animals.


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