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Tips in Dealing with a Harsh, Difficult Boss
Published By joeldgreat on 2011-04-25 450 Views

Some people love them, some don't mind dealing with them, but many employees simply don't get along with their boss, manager, or supervisor. If you're in a situation where you simply don't see eye-to-eye with your boss, you have several options.

You can do nothing, live with the situation, hope that it doesn't get worse, and not let your relationship with your boss impact you emotionally, or you can quit your job and seek employment elsewhere. Either of these options might appear to be the easiest solution to your problem, but neither will most likely lead to long-term career fulfillment. Another option is to evaluate your situation carefully and choose to alter your attitude and behavior, doing whatever it takes to develop a relationship with your boss that evolves around mutual respect.

Developing this type of professional relationship doesn't mean you'll become best friends with your boss, but it does mean that you should find a way to work together so that you're both happy and productive. When dealing with a tough boss, use direct eye contact and confident body language to convey your professional attitude. Don't assume you can work hard to change someone else, because you can't. You'll wind up wasting your time and energy. If you choose to accept the situation, set boundaries, and then make it clear if your boss oversteps those boundaries. If a particular situation becomes too intense, take a break, walk away, and let yourself cool down. Often, if you can determine why your boss is acting the way he or she is, you'll be able to find easy ways to lighten the situation.

Sometimes it'll become necessary to confront your boss and explain how you feel about a situation. Never confront your boss in public or let your emotions get in the way of explaining how you feel in a professional manner. Quitting or getting transferred is always an option, but if you're willing to suggest some compromises, chances are you'll be able to find a way to work together.

All it takes is the guts to face your boss and confront him or her in a friendly and professional manner. Prior to confronting your boss, make sure that your problems aren't a result of your own attitude or behavior. Mustering up enough courage and using tact when approaching your boss with a problem are the two ingredients that'll help lead to a positive solution. If you're a good worker and you have skills and capabilities that your employer needs, you'll have more leverage than you think when it comes to dealing with a difficult or uncomfortable situation that involves your boss. Executives don't have to be smart from an emotional standpoint in order to succeed in the business world, thus many bosses don't have the emotional intelligence to manage their employees properly.

When applying for a job, the only way to avoid being hired by a bad boss is to speak with other people already working for that person and learn as much as possible about the boss before accepting the job. Most people will have learned everything there is to learn about a specific job within two years.

Thus, if a bad situation between yourself and your boss doesn't improve and your potential career advancement with your current employer looks grim after two years despite your best efforts, it might be time to seek out other employment opportunities. Having an occasional disagreement with a superior is normal, but if your life is being ruined by the actions of a mean or difficult boss, it's up to you to take action and find a solution that you can be happy with.

note: originally posted at Exposeknowledge.com under the same author.

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