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How Other Body Organs Remove Body Waste
Published By joeldgreat on 2011-05-06 1128 Views

The body gets rid of waste substances not only through the kidneys but through other organ, too. What are these organs?

Lungs. The lungs are respiratory organs. But they are also excretory organs. When you exhale, carbon dioxide and water vapor come out. Blood delivers food and oxygen to all the body cells. In the cells, oxygen combines with food to produce energy. Carbon dioxide and water are produced as waste during the process. Carbon dioxide and water are absorbed into the blood and carried to the lungs where they are removed during exhalation.

Skin. The skin is a sense organ and a protection for the body. It is also an excretory organ. What waste does the skin remove from the body? Do you perspire when the weather is hot or after doing a strenuous activity? The sweat or perspiration that comes out through the pores of your skin is a salty liquid which contains small amounts of body waste. It is produced by the sweat glands of the skin. You fell cooler after you perspire. This is because the heat used when your sweat evaporates comes from your body.

Liver. The liver is an accessory organ of the digestive system. It also helps in excretion waste from the body. How? The liver absorbs drugs and other poisonous substances in the blood. The liver changes the chemical structure of these substances so that they dissolve in water. The dissolved substances are then excreted in the bile. The bile is a secretion of the liver. It makes digestion of fats easier and also carries away waste products from the liver.

Large intestine. A part of the digestive system is also an organ of excretion. This part is the large intestine. Other body organs excrete waste coming from the body cells. Unlike them, the large intestine removes wastes that actually are undigested food. These wastes never have become part of the body. The materials have never left the food tube. If not removed from the body, undigested food can decompose inside the large intestine. It will produce poisonous substances that can reach the bloodstream. The result will be septic poisoning.

Spleen and lymph nodes. The spleen is a mass of soft spongy tissue in the upper left of the abdomen. Its work is to filter and clean the blood. It removes worn-out red blood cells for excretion. The lymph nodes are tiny organs that cluster at the armpit, neck, lower jaw and around the digestive tract. Their work is to remove foreign cells and pass their waste to the blood for excretion.

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