Characteristics Of An Adequate House

A structure with spaces to satisfy the family member’s basic human needs is a house. Shelter is one of the basic needs of man. Man needs a house for protection, privacy, relaxation, and socialization. A house can be made of concrete, metals, bricks, wood and local materials like bamboo, rattan or other materials strong enough to withstand the forces of nature. It is a place where family lives and which consists of roofs, walls, rooms, floors, and things that are seen, touched, and felt.

On the other hand, a home refers to the interaction of a group of people, usually a

family, living within a house. In a home, there is love and concern among family members who support each other’s need for comfort, good health, and privacy. Home is a place where parents bring up their children as morally responsible, intelligent, and economically productive individuals.

The following are reasons why man builds and maintains a house:

1. A house provides shelter and protection from natural elements like the sun, rain, and wind, from criminal elements, and from stray animals.
2. Man builds a house to protect his own health and life and that of his loved ones. The house also protects the properties the family has accumulated over the years.
3. A house is a place for rest, relaxation, and recreation. Any family member can always look forward to going home o enjoy peace and tranquility. It also provides the atmosphere to entertain friends and relatives.
4. A house provides family members the needed space to interact with each other and value each other’s company.
5. A house allows the family members to

conduct their personal businesses in private.
6. A house provides comfort and convenience.
7. A house gives the members the opportunity to discuss concerns and issues to give each other emotional and psychological support without friend or strangers around.
Whether a house is big or small, it should be adequate enough for the family’s needs. If you live in comfort, with convenience, and enough space for sleeping, eating, and recreation, then you are provided with adequate housing.

An adequate housing has the following qualities:

1. It should be strongly built and safe enough to protect its inhabitants from heat, cold, and other elements, and be able to withstand natural calamities like earthquakes and typhoons.
2. It should have facilities for working, entertaining visitors, sleeping, thus meeting the family’s needs.
3. It must have an adequate supply of water in all times.
4. It must be well-lighted and well-ventilated.
5. It should be located conveniently near the school, market, place of worship and workplace.
6. Bedrooms must provide privacy to family members.
7. The rooms must provide privacy to the family members.
8. The dining room and kitchen must always be clean and well-maintained.
9. It should have enough storage space to accommodate the personal items of each family member. It should also have storage space for food items, kitchen items, and cleaning implements.
10. It should have a study area conductive to learning.
11. Its design, construction, electrical connections, and other features should be accident-proof.

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