Principles Of Work Simplification When Doing Household Task

Identify the principles of work simplification and enumerate some work simplification techniques.The principles of work simplification must be used to fish household task with the least amount of energy and time expended.

1. Do not do any task that you do not have to do.
2. Try to do one task as you do another.
3. Keep everything with easy reach.
4. Use the best tool.
5. Make both hands work.
6. Use the best posture. Sit to work whenever possible but watch posture. Provide a chair of proper height and good back support.

The following work simplification techniques save time, energy,

and money.

- Baking soda can be used to deodorize and disinfect bathrooms and kitchen sinks, remove yellow stains and odor from dirty clothes, and facilitate the cleaning of greasy pots and pans. Baking soda even relieves acid indigestion and is also environment friendly.

- Cleaning implements should be organized so you can bring the broom, dust cloth, floor polisher, mop, and wax all at the same time while moving

around the house.

- Washed clothes, especially shirts, should be arranged on hangers to avoid too much creases upon drying. Dry clothes should be folded carefully with the creases smoothened firmly with the hand. If this is done well, the shirts need not be ironed.

- Before leaving for work or school in the morning, pit the meat or fish in the refrigerator to thaw. This will enable you to cook at once upon arriving in the afternoon. Meat and fish should not be left on the kitchen sink to thaw because bacteria may set in and they may also lose their juices.

- Prepare meals in advance. During weekend, some housewives cook all the viands for the week and pack these in separate containers, labeled, frozen, and heated, as needed.

- Every two weeks, wax the floors. Floors polished regularly are easier to maintain.

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