Earth Land Forms And Bodies Of Water

The land is a part of the earth's surface. Earths surface is uneven due to the different types of landforms . What are these landforms?

1. A plain is a large area of a low flatland. Most people build their homes her. Schools, factories and other big buildings are also found on a plain. A plain is also good for farming. Farmers grow different crops on a plain.

2. A mountain is a high landforms with a slope. Most mountains are covered with forest. Many plants and animals live on mountains. Gold, copper and iron mines are also found in mountains. A

chain of mountain is called a Mountain Range.

3. A volcano is a mountain that has an opening or a crater. When volcano erupts, hot materials inside the earth come out. This material are often called lava. They can harm people, plants and animals. The soils within the volcano area are very rich in nutrients and are often used by farmers to plant their crops.

4. A hill is a high landforms that is lower than a mountain. It can be a grazing place for cattle.

5. A plateau is a flat land on a high place.

6. A valley is a low land bordered by mountains.

7. A peninsula is a part of a plain that extends to the sea. It is almost surrounded by water.

8. An island is a body of land completely surrounded by water.

There are different bodies of water . There are bodies of water on the highlands and on the low lands. There are also bodies of water between some landforms. These bodies of water are important to man, whether for transportation, food source or recreation.

1. A sea is a large body of deep and salty water.

2. An ocean is a great body of water that includes seas. There are five oceans which covers most of the earth's surface. The largest of these is the Pacific Ocean.

3. A bay is a part of the sea near land. Bays are

important in water transportation. This is where ships dock, load and unload their cargoes.

4. A lake is a body, usually of fresh water, surrounded by land. Generally, lakes do not flow. They are homes of freshwater fish and are a good source of food for people.

5. A waterfall is water that flows from edge of a steep place. Waterfalls are often used by people as a tourist attraction. Some water falls are used as a source of electricity. The power generated by hydro-electric power plants provides the much needed electricity to all industrial, commercial and residential homes.

6. A river is a body of water that starts from a mountain and flows through a plain to the sea. Rivers are a good source of transportation and food. Some of the famous rivers in the world include the Amazon river, Nile river, and Mississippi river.

7. A streamlet is a body of water that branches from a river. It is shallow. It maybe found by the roadside or flowing through fields. A streamlet may become dry during hot months.

8. A spring is a body of water that comes out from the ground. Hot springs are usually found in places where there are active volcanoes.

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