A Home Is A Happy Family

Do you remember these famous lines, "Midst pleasures and palaces, though we may roam, be it so humble there's no place like home". These lines remind us how important home is to each and everyone of us. The home is not only a shelter to protect us from the rain and the sun, bit it is a place where we begin life, learn how to walk, run talk, get along with other people, and know the many things around us.

An ideal home is one that is :

Mechanically convenient means that the home is clean and orderly. To do this, each

member helps in keeping the home and its surroundings clean. Keeping it clean keeps pests and diseases away. Being orderly means that there is a place for everything and everything is in its right place. Things that belong in the kitchen should be in the kitchen. Likewise, things that belong to the other rooms should be found where they should be. When things are used and returned to their proper places, it helps save time looking for them. It also provides irritation or anger when things are scattered or misplaced and one wastes time looking for them.

Artistically satisfying means that the home is attractive. Attractiveness results from cleanliness and orderliness. When the house and its furnishings are clean and properly arranged, the home looks attractive. This makes the family feel comfortable and proud of their home. Good taste in the selection and arrangement of home furnishings makes a beautiful home. A bowl of fresh flowers set on a center table of a spacious and well-ventilated living room makes the room cheerful and comfortable. Curtains, indoor plants, and other home accessories also make a home artistically satisfying.

Economically sound . The family members know how to make use of their money and resources wisely. The family budget is a wise plan of knowing where the money should go and how it should be spent. When each family member knows his needs and wants and recognizes that family needs should come before family wants, then the family can meet its needs within what the family income and other resources can afford.

Mentally stimulating . Books, magazines, new papers, and other printed materials of interest to family members, educational toys, and educational programs on televisions and radio are some tools that can stimulate the minds of family members. Family discussion of current events help find solutions to family and individual problems, also helps the mind grow.

Spiritually inspiring . It is in the family

that each member learns about God. Instilling faith in God and being faithful in keeping one's obligations and duties as a Christians are first learned in the home. Remember the saying "the family that prays together stays together". In times of need, one's faith in God helps lessen the burden problems. We keep the hope that solutions to problems can be met with the determination to help oneself and a continuing faith that God helps those who help themselves.

Morally wholesome . A home that is morally wholesome is a home that teaches every member what is right and what is wrong. It is in the home that we learn the values of honesty, respect, trustworthiness, and understanding. It is in the home where we are taught to behave properly in different places or at different occasions like attending mass in church, entertaining visitors at home, taking care of the sick, being cautious when someone is sleep, or when the family is taking meals. Each occasion dictates the proper was to act and the proper things to say.

Socially responsible . Each member should try to get along well with other family members. Patience and understanding are traits that lead to a harmonious relationship. When members of the family get along well together, they fell loved and happy. This also gives them a sense of unity and belongingness. Social responsibility means not only taking care of oneself but also of others.

Founded upon mutual love and affection . What make a family happy are the member's love, concern, and respect for one another. Love is sharing and caring. It is sharing what one has. It is helping in doing the household chores. It is kissing the hands of parents or elders, or keeping quiet when someone is sleep. There are many ways by which one can show love, concern, and respect to other members of the family. It can be a simple gift on a birthday, a hug or a kiss upon getting home, a bowl of hot soup when someone is sick, a game of scrabble with siblings, a helping hand for mother or father, and many more.

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