Common Daily, Weekly And Occasional Household

Responsible family members should perform some task daily, weekly, or occasionally to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the home. A workplace prepared and followed regularly makes housekeeping easier and lighter.

Common Daily Household Tasks

Daily household tasks include dusting the furniture, cleaning the toilet, bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, keeping family items in their proper places, and sweeping the floor and yard. Waste baskets and trash cans must be emptied.

Ash trays are cleaned and washed. Spots on furniture or woodwork are removed at once. Windows are opened to let air in. magazines, newspapers, and records are kept in the

proper places. These daily tasks in the living room.

In the bedroom, making the bed, hanging up clean clothes, and placing dirty and soiled clothes in the hamper are the daily chores.

The dining room should be kept very clean every day. Used dishes should be collected and washed every day. Floors should also be swept and mopped daily. Placemats and tablecloths should also be cleaned and changed when needed. Waste baskets must be emptied and trash cans should be washed and scrubbed clean.

The kitchen is the place where daily meals are prepared, so it must be the cleanest part of the house. Wash the dishes, pans, pots, and used glasses and flatware daily. Detergent should be used to wash work surfaces, which should be wiped clean. Refrigerator and range tops must be wiped and dried. The kitchen floor should be swept every day. Relive trash cans with plastic after emptying them.

In the bathroom, faucets, basins, lavatories, and toilet seats should be washed thoroughly every day. Spots on soap and cream on walls and mirrors must also be removed.

Common Weekly Household Tasks

Clean the appliances like electric fan in the living room weekly. Polish the floors too. The laundry can also be done once or twice a week depending on the volume of clothes to be washed and the availability of water. Clothes should be washed according to color, size, and texture. White clothes should be separated

from colored clothes. Soft cottons should be washed first, then heavy linens second, and denims last.

When one does the laundry, water conservation should be the main consideration. Too much precious water is wasted when water flows freely while one is rinsing clothes. After rinsing, collect the laundry water and use this to clean garages, porches, or the bathroom.

Ironing is best done once or twice a week depending on the volume of clothes to be ironed. Schedule ironing to conserve electricity. Ironing one piece at a time will unnecessarily increase electrical consumption.

In the bedroom, strip the bed and change the bed linens at least once a week. Keep the content of the closet and drawers well-arranged.

In the dining room, launder the table cloth and placemats once a week. In the kitchen, refrigerators should be defrosted every week. Vegetable bins must also be aired and cleaned every week. Cabinets must also be washed and cleaned.

In the bathroom, use a disinfectant in cleaning the toilet bowl weekly. Towels and wash clothes must also be replaced. The supply of soap and toilet paper should also be checked.

Common Occasional Household Tasks

In the dining room, flatware should be brought out and cleaned occasionally. Dishes used only for special occasions should be taken out and cleansed. In the kitchen, the floors must be waxed occasionally. The utensil rack, range hood, lighting fixtures, and other exposed containers should be washed. Exhaust fan must be cleaned. The surfaces beneath burners should also be kept clean.

Occasionally, shower curtains and the medicine cabinet in the bathroom should be cleaned.

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