What Makes Us Right-handed Or Left-handed Person

Many of us may noticed that manyleft-handed people have to make many adjustments to everything they do in order to get along with the rest of the world. This simply because of the fact that our world is dominated by right-handed people.

Since the global population is about 10 percent left and 90 percent right, it's also a fact that everything from locks, doorknobs, musical instruments, screw drivers, cars and other machines to small things such as buttons on our clothing are designed for right-handed people. But, one of the most astonishing thing is that somehow,left-handed people seem to get

along very well. And in some cases, left-handed people do get along very well indeed! For example, two of the world’s greatest geniuses were left-handed – Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

One of my brothers is a left-handed person and my parents worry about it. I observed this too with other parents having a child who is left-handed. Some parents may teach that being a left-handed person is a defect that needs to be corrected. A child may be scolded or punished, and some may make efforts to made to try to change the child into a right-handed person. But the experts believed that it will be wiser not to do anything about it.

A parent or the population should really know is what is it that makes most people right-handed. Because of the lack of medical explanation, it was believed for a long time that we are right-handed because of such

things as trainings, custom, and the fact that the majority of the people are right-handed too. Therefore, it is also believed that a left-handed person had something wrong with him because he couldn’t do things the way a right-handed person did.

But today, medical science had a better explanation about this. It suggests that most people are right-handed because the brains of most people function in a certain way. Studies show that one-half of the brain “dominates” over the other half.

The left half of the brain controls the functions on the right side of the body, and the right half of the brain controls the functions on the left side of the body. And in most people the left half of the brain is dominant, so the right half of their body is more skilled and better able to develop. Our right hand works better than our left hand.

In left-handed people, the brain develops in a reverse way. The right half of the brain is dominant, so the left hand of the body works better. It works just as well, just as skillfully – it just happens to make them left-handed! And often times, they even surpass many right-handed people.


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